Hurrah for hats!

I’ve been working away on the knitting project bag and also on a needle roll and will post about my progress soon. I’m planning to put a clear fronted pocket in the interior of the bag and decided to hold off on sewing up the prototype until my new teflon foot arrives. The call came today and I’m really looking forward to finding out whether it will make sewing with leather and vinyl as easy as I hope. I have also been doing some knitting and the project list is no doubt expanding faster than my skill rate! If you are interested in what is on my needles and in my basket, pop over to¬† The Winking Frog. I’m also in the planning stages for a series on sewing tips, which I hope will inspire a few people to lose the fear.

My most recent and exciting acquisition is a fantastic hat rack from Eddie’s. You are probably aware by now that I have a certain fondness for hats and the top of the loom can no longer hold all of my personal collection, not to mention the hats belonging to the rest of the family! In addition to the need to storage at home, we needed a display mechanism for upcoming shows, so I bit the bullet and ordered this little beauty:

metal hat rack for storing and displaying handmade hats

Hat Rack

Snow is in the forecast, so I’ll not be starting on the sunhats just yet, but I have my eye open for some great summery fabrics. In the meantime, I’m off to continue my knitting!

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