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Designer Laura Nelkin is hosting a 3-month-long knitalong in her Ravelry group, featuring weekly and monthly prizes for participants. I love Laura’s designs – might have something to do with our mutual fondness for beads! I have donated a one of a kind Pip ‘n’ Milly project bag as the prize for next week. It is the medium size and the winner will be able to choose from the stock I have on hand at that point next week. As many people know, I make the majority of my pieces to order, so I don’t keep a vast inventory. This way everything is fresh and new, even for me!

I may have mentioned before how much I love these project bags. They are unique to Pip ‘n’ Milly and a wonderful addition to any knitter’s collection. Frankly, the work of our hands is too precious to be shoved into a Ziploc bag! The clear vinyl front allows you to see what project is inside and also makes it easy to refer to the pattern. If I have to wait around at any time, I can easily hang the bag on my wrist and continue knitting.

These are the sizes and dimensions available as standard:

The small is approximately 8.5″ wide, 5.5″ tall and 3.5″ deep across the gusset. Small is perfect for hats and socks (especially if you use balls of yarn, as opposed to skeins that you wind). The gusset depth is designed to nicely fit a wound skein. $25Cdn

The medium is 9.5″ wide, 7.25″ tall and 3.5″ deep. This size is incredibly versatile and many people use it as their go-to size for socks, colourwork, shawls, scarves etc. $30Cdn

The large is 13.5″ wide, 9.75″ tall and 3.5″ deep. The large will fit a printed full size pattern or most pattern books, as well as sweater projects, shawls etc. $45Cdn

Special order versions are available on request. Size, features and prices on request.

Med size project bags for Laura Nelkin KAL

Med size project bags for Laura Nelkin KAL

Front view of med size project bags for Laura's Nelkin's KAL

Front view of med size project bags for Laura’s Nelkin’s KAL


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