In the past I have made a wide range of products, which you will see in various places throughout the site for the time-being and also in the Flickr link, but have chosen to specialize in the things I love most. I do consider custom orders for other items on an individual basis, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Link to my range of handmade Bags, Purses and Handbags

Beautifully practical, one of a kind bags, purses and handbags

I create my bags with form and function in mind. I love beautiful fabrics and shiny hardware, but those things mean nothing without consideration of the features that would be useful. I incorporate a key clip and multiple pockets into every bag and I also strive to make the interiors of my bags at least as beautiful as the exteriors. It makes me happy to open them! I hope those who purchase my bags will be as proud to carry them as I am to make them. Every custom made bag is designed with the client in mind, with practical details, quality workmanship and to integrate the unique style and personality of each person.

Wizard of Oz lining, messenger bag, handmade, Nanaimo, BC, Pip 'n' MillyHandmade bag, purse, made in Nanaimo, BC, eclectic fabric combinationpretty in pink messenger bag, handmade, Nanaimo, BC, Pip 'n' Millybamboo handle, handmade, handbag, floral linen, Nanaimo, BC, Pip 'n' MillyHandmade bag, purse, made in Nanaimo, BC

Knitting Bags

I design and make one of a kind knitting bags. They are a larger, customized version of the trapezium bag, with a removable hard base, key clip, choice of handles or straps, pattern pocket and a variety of other pockets, tailored to the needs of the knitter.

Custom made knitting bag with bamboo handles

Knitting bag


Project Bags

My project bags are a wonderful addition to any knitter’s collection. I designed them to be practical, versatile and unique. The heavy-duty, clear vinyl front ensures that you can see at a glance which project you are grabbing and is also ideal for consulting your pattern. The zipper closure keeps your knitting and tools safe and secure, and the hand-loop means you can hang the bag from your wrist and continue knitting, even if you are waiting for a bus.

Knitting project bags in three sizes

Knitting project bags in three sizes
Knitting project bags in three sizes

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