Christmas tutus

I have been itching to make tutus for my two daughters for ages. I made a pink and white one for Pip earlier in the year, but had no real idea where to start, so just made it up as I went along. I cut the tulle into sections and staggered the layers before sewing them together at the waist. I then sewed some pretty ribbon on the waistband and added snaps at the appropriate place for a closure. I added silk flowers amongst the layers and it all turned out very well.

It took quite a while to do it that way and I figured there must be a quicker way to do it or there would not be so many tutus for sale on the internet! Certainly not at the prices I have seen. The tutus I have made are going to be fantastic for their dress up box and for practising their dance moves. I recently found this tutorial and it was a great guide, though my first try was certainly not as polished as hers are! Maybe next time!

This time I used elastic for the waistband and tied strips of tulle to it, alternating the colours. I used 2 strips for each knot, so you could use 1 to make smaller knots, but you will end up tying more strips to get the same fullness. You could also do 1 strip of each colour for a different effect. As you will see, I have used red and black for these. Nice to have a change from pink occasionally! I thought they would look quite festive without being too seasonal. I was sort of planning to save them for Christmas, but I couldn’t wait to see them in them together. They look so incredibly cute and I am pleased, and relieved, to say that they were very happy with their new finery. Not the best pictures, but you get the idea!

Christmas tutu

Christmas tutu

The girls in their Christmas tutus

The girls in their Christmas tutus

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5 Responses to Christmas tutus

  1. Lory says:

    Pretty! I have no idea how to make tutus. Was working with all those layers of tulle and the elastic complex? What about taking long strips of tulle in each of the colors and stacking them together when sewing them to the elastic? Or would that have been too bulky? That’d be good to know for future reference. :):):):):)

    Have a great weekend!


  2. Hi Lory

    Thank you! It was actually really easy, though I am sure there are many ways to do it. People with more experience might scoff at the way I did it, but it worked and is suitable for little girls to play in. I have been looking for instructions on the internet for awhile and found the following tutorial recently:

    I didn’t follow it exactly, but it was a great guide. I used two strips for each knot. I think the waistband might be a little more delicate with just one strip per knot, but it would have required me to tie twice as many to get the fullness I wanted.

    Try it out and let me know how you get on!

    All the best

  3. jennbenn says:

    Hi Fiona! Thank you for your kind comment on my baby sweater/booties! I love your tutu’s, they turned out great. Love the dramatic coloring as well! I wish I would have seen that tut when I made my daughter a tutu last Halloween. Did not go so well!

  4. Sarah says:

    I love those! We did the same kind of a thing for a sorority costume party…A friend wanted to be a fairy. They are SO fun and easy.

  5. Nicki Parker says:

    Is there a little girl on the planet who isn’t nuts over tutus??

    Your girls are too cute!…(love the red and black idea)

    p.s. I’ll be posting my tutorial on the felt dolls on Wednesday. I’ve never done a tutorial before so I’m trying to get it planned out correctly before I post…..

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