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My recent fixation with learning to knit has rather diverted my focus from adding items to the shop, writing blog posts and even posting pictures of some of the one of a kind bags I have made. I have been trying to keep my knitting exploits separate from business posts, but after much consideration, I have almost come to the conclusion that that makes for a dull Pip ‘n’ Milly blog. When I am interested in a maker of handmade products, I confess that I am also curious about their life, what part of the world they live in, what other creative pursuits that they explore. It makes for a more interesting story behind the brand and gives a sneak peek into the life of the artist/maker/designer. Seriously, who really wants to just see products? Not me. Being bombarded with purely business related posts, tweets, status updates etc is a real turn-off, even when they are sporadic, like mine! I’m really not the type to spice things up, but in order to add a little interest and dimensionality (is that even a word?!!) to Pip ‘n’ Milly, I’ll be adding in some posts and photos about my knitting projects, gardening and maybe even the progress of our chicken coop!

So, to start things off gently, below are some photos of a beautiful knitting bag I designed earlier this year. Couldn’t believe I hadn’t posted it before!

One of a kind knitting bag

One of a kind knitting bag

This stunning bag using a Michael Miller fabric and coordinating lining fabrics, features heavily reinforced exterior panels to make the bag stand up well and support the weight of the bamboo handles without sagging. It also suede corner protectors, a clear vinyl pocket on the front for holding your pattern while you knit, a large front pocket, 2 magnetic snaps, a zippered pocket on the rear of the bag, multiple clear pockets inside, a dedicated scissor pocket and plenty of room for several projects.

Rear of bag showing the zippered pocket

Rear of bag

Here are another couple of versions which were custom made, so have a slightly different set of features.

Custom order knitting bag in totem pole fabric, with red polka dot lining. Photos shows clear front pocket, large front pocket with pattern poking out, adjustable flap, shoulder straps and red binding for top of bag and pocket

Custom order knitting bag

Knitting bag in a fabulous bird and leaf print in shades of purple, mustard, cream and black

Birdy knitting bag

These measure approximately 16″ x 6.5″ x 11″.

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