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Once again, it has been quiet on the blog front! Some of the recent orders have been for gifts, so I don’t like to post about them until after they have been given, just in case! The summer holidays are here and we have been enjoying the leisurely mornings, playdates, sunshine and pottering about. We are planning a few outings for over the summer, including some parks, beaches, the Kite Festival, car show and exploring new places with the girls. There will also be as much knitting as I can squeeze in…

So, here are photos of some of my latest work. Hope you like it! Will try to post new items to the shop asap.

Custom order: knitting bag and matching WIP pouch

Knitting duo

The lady who placed this order was given a bag with those wooden handles many years ago, but the fabric totally didn’t suit her style or personality and she didn’t like to carry it. I suggested a remake in more suitable fabric, to coordinate with the Work In Progress pouch which she had ordered. I added pleats and a magnetic snap closure and her bag is now fresh, modern and much more appealing. The lady loved her WIP pouch so much, she ordered a second one for another knitting project! They are perfect for carrying small projects such as socks, gloves, a scarf etc, but I have found that my recent cardigan project required something larger, so I made this:

Large knitting project pouch with shawl

Large WIP pouch, with shawl project

It works beautifully, so I will be making more of these and finding excuses for bigger projects! The clear vinyl front allows me to see exactly what I have and makes it easy to grab a project on our way out the door.

Another great customer recently ordered another beach bag for his daughter, so her Mom could have her original one back!

Blue/green floral beach bag with pleated pockets

Beach bag/locker bag

Green/blue floral beach bag

Beach bag

This was originally designed as a locker bag for going to our local pool. The end pockets are used for shampoo, conditioner and comb and the bag itself carries towels for the four of us, so I roomy, practical bag all round! We also use ours for trips to the library, picnics, trips to the beach etc.

This is some of the pieces laid out for a special order, after they have been interfaced. Still a long way to go from this stage! Can’t show the finished object, as it is a surprise gift and has not yet been given.

Bag pieces laid out

Bag making in progress

More of my recent work:

Pleasted shoulder bag in blue butterfly print

Pleated panel bag

Custom knitting bag in totem pole fabric

Custom knitting bag

Pleated panel bag

Pleated panel bag

Red floral knitting bag

Red floral knitting bag

I think that’s enough for now! Enjoy your summer!


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