How does your garden grow?

Out here on the west coast of Canada the winter can be long and wet and the glorious summers are much yearned for during those months. I suspect it would be a little easier to bear if we got more snow, as the rain does get a bit much after awhile. However, I appreciate that I might feel differently about it if I had to deal with snow at this time of year! We have had a chilly spring and the recent arrival of warmer temperatures has been good for the spirit. Last weekend was particularly enjoyable, as it constituted two of my favourite things: gardening and productivity! I love it when everyone feels like getting things done. We recently bought a playhouse for the children and have been planning a Secret Garden area for them, a very exciting prospect for the whole family. Having made a few trips to the Barton & Leier Gallery, we are really inspired to make more of our large space.

In addition to work on the Secret Garden, there is always weeding to be done, things to be tidied, plants to be pruned and seeds to be planted. I’m limited in the extent to which I can do most of that, but I pushed it as far as I could and enlisted Mum’s help to get the veg garden planted. We have decided to add a path this year and are removing strawberries to make way for blueberry bushes, plus we’ve shifted the herb garden over a bit to make it easier to pick without walking on the beds. I always find spring very refreshing, enlivening and invigorating, as do many others. It is wonderful to see the garden coming back to life again! The next few weeks will bring greater beauty every day.

This is the current condition of the garden and I’ve no doubt it will change quickly, as is to be expected at this time of year.

View of our vegetable/fruit garden


View of our produce garden, looking up towards the raspberries

Garden, Spring 2011

In an ideal world, we would have a studio in the garden somewhere, so I could work out there in the summer evenings! Had better start planning now!

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