Grab & Go Lunch Mats

I am very excited to reveal that my Grab & Go Lunch Mat is being included in a gift basket giveaway on Oh My! Handmade Goodness. OMHG put out a call for submissions and my handy little product was accepted (eek!), so here is a bit of information about it:

“The concept of a waste-free or litterless lunch is gaining ground across the country. Many parents and schools are looking for ways to reduce the waste generated on a daily basis. In addition to this is the concern about where you child is putting down their lunch. We all hope they will wash their hands before eating, but do you think about the table they put their food on?

The Grab & Go Lunch Mat from Pip ‘n’ Milly Creations was designed by Fiona Ballard to provide a sanitary, stylish and functional addition to her daughters’ lunch bags. In keeping with the Pip ‘n’ Milly philosophy of minimal waste, beauty, function and practicality, Fiona designed a simple, yet innovative product that eliminates the need for disposable cutlery and paper napkins. The mats have ample space for food and feature a secure pocket for cutlery and a pocket for a cloth napkin. The mat simply rolls up, is tied with the straps and fits neatly in a lunch bag, back pack or handbag. Children love using them and parents love that it keeps their food off the table! Perfect for snack-time, lunchtime, picnics and fast food meals.
Each and every mat is unique and individually handmade in Nanaimo, BC by Fiona. All mats feature a variety of coordinating cotton fabrics and are interlined with fleece for durability and a comfortable feel. Care is super simple – machine wash and dry. Iron if you feel like it!”

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