Nanaimo Christmas Shopping Events

I have been consistently busy with orders, behind the scenes tweaking of the website and planning what to make for the upcoming shopping events being held in Nanaimo this fall. Pip ‘n’ Milly Creations is participating in two events, which I expect will keep me well occupied for the next several weeks. The first event is being held at the Wellington Hall on Tuesday, 26th October, from 6-8pm. The second event is also in Nanaimo and will be on Saturday, 6th November from 4-10pm. Both events will feature a range of products and will be wonderful opportunities for Christmas gift shopping. As far as I know, I will be the only one offering handmade goods. I will have inventory on hand, including one of a kind handbags, bags, aprons, hats, crayon rolls, felt crowns, Grab & Go Lunch Mats, reversible coffee cozies, zippered ‘essentials’ pouches and baby bibs. I will also have gift certificates available and will be taking custom orders. If you would like further information about either of these exciting shopping nights, please email me:

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