Yoga mat bag

I have just started a restorative yoga class to help me restore some core stability after my back injury last year. Of course, this was a perfect excuse for a new project! I have been wanting to try making a yoga mat bag for ages, but as I didn’t do yoga there wasn’t much incentive to get it off the to do list. In the midst of sewing a big order, I set aside some time to work on a project for myself and here is the result:

Yoga mat bag

Side view, showing adjustable strap

View of interior with contrasting lining and drawstring

I’m going to test it out a few times to see if I need to make any modifications, before making another. I’ve been asked to make one as a donation for a fundraiser for the local Child Development Centre, so I have another perfect excuse! Mind you, at this stage of the game, do I really need any excuses to justify doing what I love to do!

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