New twirly skirt

I made a new twirly skirt for Milly today and am really pleased with it. I hadn’t finished it before she went to bed, but she seemed very happy with it, so I hope there will be some fun twirly action shots tomorrow. I used coordinating cotton fabrics, 4 tiers and a simple elasticated waist. I didn’t line this one, as the cottons are a decent weight and also quite soft.

4 tier twirly skirt

4 tier twirly skirt

Milly is 26 months old and, though she can be very determined in her pursuit of chocolate, her desire to clean her teeth herself, do her straps up and pick out her clothes for the day, she has not yet given me the cold shoulder that my beloved 4 year old has done many times when presented with some lovingly hand-crafted garment. My mum swears she was just the same when her mum made things for her and I know she was a very talented seamstress and whatever she made would have been beautiful. Mum vividly remembers scorning the handmade items, partly because she just wanted to have the same shop bought things everyone else had, but partly because she has a fierce independant streak and just wanted to be bloody-minded and stubborn!! I am really not sure why Pippa rejects the things I make and the fabrics I choose. I make things that are girly, because that’s what she loves, but they are often not twirly enough, or she doesn’t like the pattern or the colour isn’t right. She hates the fabric store, so I try to choose things for her, but it is never right. I chose the two fabrics above for her, as I said I would make her a twirly dress. She took one look and said she didn’t want all those other colours on, she just wanted pink. Can’t win. I am not giving in at the first hurdle, this has happened numerous times and each time I swear not to make her anything else. I don’t know why I do it to myself, but after her little outburst I spent the night thinking what I could make for her next! However, I stuck to my guns and made Milly something instead. I don’t expect fawning gratitude, especially not from a 4 year old, but the rejection kind of hurts! Hopefully there will be a more positive reaction from her little sister, who really does deserve some new things and not just hand-me-downs!

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