My sewing space revamp

It was starting to feel a little cramped in my sewing space, so I have swapped the wheeled office chair for a dining chair, just to see how it goes. It was a really big chair and I had my cutting table really close so I could reach everything easily, but it meant that I never had to get up. It was nice in a way to close off the space so the girls knew the boundary between the play area and my work space, but they know it now and, to be honest, I needed a change! I love to move things around, so I have shifted the table to the other side of the patio door and now there is space for the girls to play and draw next to me. I now am forced to get up and stretch when I need to cut something, which is a good thing! It is perhaps not the best view from the living room, but this is no showhome! We are thinking about putting up a curtain between the rooms as it will provide a backdrop for photographs, close the room off when we need to and will also give the girls a “stage” for their performances.

My sewing space

This way there is more room for the ironing board when I need to press larger items than can be accommodated on the sleeveboard. The suitcase in the bottom right hand corner is for carrying my stock when I need to show it to anyone outside the house. There are quite a few projects lined up on the cutting table, from a handbag that I need to get lining for, to bibs, aprons and crayon rolls for birthday gifts.

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  1. Lory says:

    I hope this new arrangement helps you streamline your sewing. A good sewing space can make all the difference…

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